500mL Manual Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted Hand Foam Soap Dispenser

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Wall-mounted soap dispenser with a push-button for easy and clean soap dispensing. The dispensing valve cuts off the soap completely after pumping and prevents dripping. Large capacity applies to the shower room for holding foam soap, etc. Convenient to use.

[Visible Hole]A visible hole acts as a reminder to know the usage of the soap and get in time to replace it with a new one.
[Wall Mounted]Soap dispenser is designed to be wall-mounted for easy, space-saving, and economical dispensing of hand soap.
[Easy to Refill]Easy-to-open top pouring port design, convenient for adding and refill soap.
[Leakproof Design]Manual soap dispenser with separated outlet liquid nozzle, avoid leaking and waste.
[Press Button]With a non-slip brass button, humanization design, easy to squeezable. Special for bathroom, shower, bath, kitchen sink, and other wet environments.  

Capacity: 500mL;800mL (Optional)
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel, Brass
Style: Modern
Use mode: Hand Press
Installation mode: Drill
Occasion: Bathroom, Hotel, Bank, etc
Package Size: 16*12.3*10.4cm/6.29*4.84*4.09inch(500mL);19.2*12*12cm/7.55*4.72*4.72inch(800mL)
Package Weight: 350g/0.77lb(500mL);440g/0.97lb(800mL)

Package List:
1 * Soap Dispenser
1 * Drilling Accessories

Note: If you are inconvenient to install with drilling installation, please buy nail-free glue(not included) by yourself