Bathtub Caddy Tray

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Bathtub caddy tray is built from bamboo, covered with a layer of lacquer for long life use. Bathtub caddy tray with a reading rack , tablet holder, wine bottle holder, and so on. Specially-designed stretchable bathtub caddy tray to fit most bathtubs available on the market. The tub tray designed to fit all your needs.

[Stretchable]Bath caddy organizer is compatible with most bathtub models including a clawfoot tub, and the sides can be extended up to 41 inches.
[Nonslip Bottom]The bath tray has silicone grips that prevent sliding and slipping. Therefore, you'll have a more comfortable bathing experience.
[Movable shelves]Movable shelves that are designed to store your books, towels, candles, etc, and it is convenient to clean.
[Slots Design]The caddy tray with three additional slots to hold your phone, tablet, wine glass, and wine bottle.
[High-quality Material]The bathtub caddy tray is made of premium bamboo, covered with a layer of lacquer for long life use.

Mode: Type 1(Single Shelf);Type 2(Double Shelf) (Optional)
Color: Brown
Material: Bamboo, Stainless Steel, Non-woven Fabric
Bearing Capacity: 6Kg / 13.22lb
Occasion: Bathtub
Normal Size: 70*22*4cm / 27.55*8.66*1.57inch
Extended Size: 105.5*22*4cm / 41.53*8.66*1.57inch
Package Size: 71.5*23*4.5cm / 28.14*9.05*1.77inch
Package Weight: 1.7KG/3.74lb(Type 1);1.8KG/3.96lb(Type 2)

Package List:
1 * Bathtub Caddy Tray

Note: Please do not leave the product in a humid environment for a long time, or soak in water.