Shower Filter Multilayer Water Purifier

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This product is an useful tool in your daily life, you can use it with your family, it is not only suitable for children, but also for the elderly even pregnant women, it can give you a healthy bath enjoyment. Come on and try it.

It is an useful tool for you and your family, just install it, then you all can enjoy an special bath experience.
There are several filter materials, as coconut activated carbon, KDF55, na-no sil-ver ball, alkaline ball, maifan stone ball and tourmaline ball.
Unlike products that mix these built-in filter materials, this product separates the materials with a filter, which has a better effect.
Easy to intall, it takes only a few st-eps to complete the installation, which is very convenient and saves time.
Products made of fine quality materials, has a long service life.

Material: ABS
Threads male: G1/2 inch
Threads female: G1/2 inch
Pure diameter: 0.1-50um
Pore volume: ≥55%
Bulk Density: 1.22g/cm3
Abrasion ration: ≤1.62%
Item weight: 290g /
Package size: 110 * 100 * 100mm / 4.3 * 3.9 * 3.9in
Package weight: 330g / 11.6ounce

Packing list:
1 * Water Purifier
1 * Tef-lon Tape