5.0W Solar Water Pump Fountain Garden Mini Floating Fountain Outdoor Pool Bird Feeder

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If you have a garden, you need a water pump to decorate it. This solar water pump uses sunlight as power, making beautiful fountain. It would not produce any harmful substance, safe and environmental. The pump can bring more vitality to your garden. 

Solar powered fountain pump fit for fountains, waterfalls and water displays. 
It runs automatically, no battery or electricity needed, just the sunshine. 
Create a relaxing environment in your garden. 
The pump will automatically restart within 3 seconds when the sun is shining.
The pool should have enough water to make sure the pump is completely immersed in water.

Pump Voltage: DC10V 
Pump Power: 2.5W 
Maximum Lift: 180cm
Maximum Flow: 380L/h
Maximum Spray Height: 75cm
Solar Panel: 10V, 5.0W, 275 × 175mm, monocrystalline silicon, aluminum alloy frame
Package Weiht: 915g / 32.3oz
Package Size: 297*185*60mm / 11.7*7.3*2.4in

Packing List:
1 * Solar Panel
1 * Pump
6 * Nozzle
1 * Base
1 * Floating Board
1 * Adapter
1 * Frame
2 * Screw
1 * Manual

The water pump cannot work without sunlight. When the water pump receives sufficient sunlight, the water pump will start up in 3 seconds