Flower Pot with Wave Pattern Rustic Style Square Flower Pot Indoor Gardening Reusable Flower Vase Art Metal Flower Pot

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This is a stainless steel flower pot. On the surface there are wave patterns, which shows the modern and concise home style. After the artist’s well design, the flower pot adds a strong flavor of countryside. On the other side, it shows the the owner’s grace and elegance.
The flower pot is a stainless steel sculpture and adopts welding and electroplating technology. The surface has a strong metallic texture feeling. And it won't deformed nor fade.
A great choice for living room, study room, bedroom and other interior space, which improves the space level.
Appearance: This cube vase is crafted with good quality and beautiful champagne gold color. The wave pattern design adds a touch of uniqueness to the typical cube.
Uses: This cube vase is perfect for fresh flower as well as silk or dried floral designs.Sometimes it also can be used as storage containers.
Craftswork feature: The electroplating technology prevents it from corrosion, and makes it wearable and beautiful.
Good quality: We adopt thick metal to make this flower vase unbreakable and sturdy.The thick metal material make sure that it won't fade nor crack even in high temperature.
Cleaning: Dust on the surface can be wiped out with a soft and dry duster cloth.

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Golden
Product size: 17 * 18 * 18cm / 6.7 * 7.1 * 7.1in
Package size: 20 * 22 * 22cm / 7.9 * 8.6 * 8.6in
Product weight: 1335g / 47.1oz
Package weight: 1600g / 56.4oz
Package list:
1 * Flower Pot