Anself DIY Nail Extension Set

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The nail glue extension set, equipped with the basic accessories needed for nail art, practicla and professional. It provides nail glue, nail molds, top&base coat, double-ended nail pen, nail file, nail cleaner, nail sticker and rhinestones. You can use it for professional or home manicure.

The nail glue can be used on artificial nails, natural nails, various surfaces such as nails, paper and other works of art. 
Nail extension forms are available in 10 different sizes, each with 10 sizes, to meet the needs of different nails.
Nail files can remove nail glue and lightly groove nails surface. 
Easy to use and clean.
Very suitable for professional nail experts or nail learners. 

Material: Resin
Package Weight: 230g / 8.11ounces
Package Size: 278 * 264 * 40mm / 10.94 * 10.39 * 1.57in

Packing List:
3 * 15ml Nail Glue
1 * Box of Nail Molds (100Pcs)
1 * Top Coat
1 * Base Coat
1 * Double-Ended Nail Pen
1 * Nail File
1 * Nail Cleaner
1 * Nail Sticker
1 * Box of Rhinestones