Tire Pressure Sensor Tire Pressure Monitor TPMS Tire Pressure Valve 5Q0907275 Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor TPMS Sensor

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This tire pressure sensor can well help users to timely detect tire conditions, avoids the risk caused by abnormal tire pressure not found in time, the product quality is nice,practical.

The function of TPMS is to monitor the tire pressure automatically in real time, and alarm the tire leakage and low pressure to ensure the driving safety.
Tire pressure monitor can extend the service life of vehicle and tire, because the performance of vehicle and the service life of tire are affected by tire pressure.
Be able to timely check whether it is a tire problem when the vehicle has a fault.
Suitable for a variety of models, practical.
Easy to install and easy to carry.
Made of fine quality aluminum alloy and plastics, it is firm and long-lasting.

Material: plastics+aluminum alloy
Battery: 3V, 240mAh
Item size: 75 * 55 * 25mm / 3.0 * 2.2 * 1.0in
Item weight: 36g / 1.27ounce
Package size: 85 * 66 * 35mm / 3.3 * 2.6 * 1.4in
Package weight: 38g / 1.34ounce
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1 * Tire Pressure Sensor