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When you are in a hotel or other strange place, are you afraid of threatening your privacy with private cameras? Do you need a camera/anti-theft, portable device? Please look at here!

All private Cameras Can be Detected: The mini camera in the room can be quickly found by the naked eye through the infrared scanner and serves you anywhere.
With induction chip, vibration sensor, burglar alarm, and infrared lamp, it can effectively prevent candid photos and personal privacy leaks.
It takes 2 hours for the personal alarm to be fully charged with a USB charging cable and can be constantly used for 6-8 hours.
Vibration Function can protect personal and property safety, and it will alarm you if there is anything is not right.
The Infrared Scanner can be secured on draws, security windows, doors and box, making a loud sound to draw people's attention even at very far distances.
It is small and portable for easy storage and carrying; It can be attached on women's bags, backpacks, suitcases, keys and so on.
Perfect for detecting camera equipment in hotels, rental houses, bathrooms and fitting rooms. Very useful for traveling, hiking, camping.

Material: ABS
Size: 120*76*37mm
Weight: 120g
Working Current: 50mA
Battery Capacity: 300mA
Full Charging Time: 2 Hours
Working Time When Fully Charged: 6-8 Hours
Vibration sensor: LED;F5
Color: Blue, Black, Red(optional)
Model: S100

Package list:
1 x Infrared Scanner