Steelmate Universal 1-Way Car Vehicle Alarm System Burglar Alarm Protection Anti-Theft System 2 Black Remote Control

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This system is for vehicles with DC 12V only.
Up to 4 transmitters can be programmed at the same unit.
The battery of transmitter can be changed.
Anti-hijack and Panic function for emergency.
Car locating for easy to find your car in parking lot.
Remote trunk release. LED indicator status.
Valet mode suitable for car washing.
Auto re-arming for press transmitter carelessly.

Brand: Steelmate 
Model: GRNAD-10
Operating frequency: 433.92±0.1MHz
Operating voltage: 12±3V
Static current: <15mA
Siren SPL: 85-125dB
Package size: 24.5*25*8.5cm
Package weight: 756g

Package list:
2 x transmitter
1 x ECU
1 x Siren
1 x Ribbon
1 x LED indicator
1 x cables
1 x shock sensor
1 x manual