100pcs Mini Car Fuse Kit Color Coded for Ten Amps Fuses with Alligator Clip Electric Tester Tweezer Fuse Puller

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100pcs assorted auto car mini fuse with alligator clip and test pen for car, motorcycle, boat and other home applications.

2A/3A/5A/7.5A/10A/15A/20A/25A/30A/35A, wider range of AMP gives you more choice in an emergency.
Protect your vehicles from a short circuit and overload.
Color coded for easy identification. Collected in one compact translucent storage box is convenient to use.
It comes along with a fuse puller so it's easy to pick the fuse out and replace.

Material: Zinc Alloy & Plastic
Rated voltage: 32V
Single fuse size: approx. 16 * 11 * 3.6mm
Ampere rating: 2A-10pcs, 3A-10pcs, 5A-10pcs, 7.5A-10pcs, 10A-10pcs, 15A-10pcs, 20A-10pcs, 25A-10pcs, 30A-10pcs, 35A-10pcs
Package size: 17.3 * 10 * 2.5cm / 6.8 * 4 * 1in   
Package weight: 145g / 5oz  

Package List:
100 * Mini Car Fuses
1 * Alligator Clip
1 * Electrical Test Pen
1 * Black Puller