12-Way LED Blade with ATC Fuse Box with Negative Bus Bar Waterproof Car Automotive Marine 12V 100A Confuence Line

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The fuse will automatically blow current when the current rises abnormally and reaches a certain height. Thereby functioning to protect the circuit and operate safely

The product is made of PBT flame retardant, high temperature resistant and environmental protection material, which fully meets the requirements of good mechanical resistance, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardancy, and shall not be cracked, deformed or burned, or short circuited in the process of use.
The special design of fuse box cover has the function of opening and closing. The cover is simple and easy to remove, which is easier to use than the old one.
All busbars and terminals are nickel plated copper with corrosion resistance and excellent conductivity. Thread M5 (maximum 100a), circuit output terminal maximum 30a,
All fasteners are made of stainless steel. The input fuse box is 4-8awg and the output is 10-16awg. The output end is fixed by tightening screws, which can be installed faster. The safe is fixed by self tapping screws, which makes the installation easier and safer.

Product material: PA66 body, PC waterproof dust cover, nickel plated copper connection terminal, self-adhesive label
Rated input voltage: 32V
Maximum output current: 30A per circuit
Main line terminal: M5 threaded pin
Main line: 4-8
Single terminal wire: M4 threaded pin
Single line: 12-16
Product installation scope: can be installed in cars, RV, bus, yacht, ship and so on.
Scope of application: it can be directly connected to any electrical circuit on the car / ship [for example: on the roof, headlight, width light, fog light, warning light, car refrigerator, car charger, car fan, car TV, etc.
Package size: 6.7 * 5 * 6.2cm
Package weight: 83g

Package List:
1x12 way fuse box
Fuse: 5A X5, 10a X5, 15A X5, 20A X5, 25A X5
1X fuse clip
4X screw
1X label sticker