1HZ-500KHZ FG-100 DDS Functional Signal Generator Sine Triangle Square Sawtooth ECG Noise Output Frequency Meter Signal Source Module Frequency Counter

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Output Waveform -- Sine, wave, square wave, triangle wave, forward sawtooth wave, reverse sawtooth wave, electrocardiogram wave(ECG wave), noise wave.
DDS Frequency Range -- Sine wave 1- 500KHz (the output amplitude will decrease with the further increase of frequency), other waveforms 1 Hz-50KHz (but the upper limit of adjustable frequency is not limited, if the distortion and shaking requirements are not high, use the frequency can be further increased).
Application -- Due to the excellent DSS accuracy and frequency stability, it can also be used to calibrate the sweep time factor for oscilloscopes. You can also use its square wave to calibrate your oscilloscope attenuator or adjust your oscilloscope probe
Versatile Power Supply -- Its power supply can be either DC adaptor or a Lithium battery. Power supply range DC 4-10V, it is recommended to choose DC 5V when using the adapter, and 3.7V lithium battery when using battery power.
Large LCD Screen -- Large LCD display with backlight for easy instant reading. Labeled function button for easy operation. Working with an oscilloscope, it can be used to troubleshoot the electronic circuit, characterize the audio amplifier frequency response or measure the impulse response.
Have a filter (can be opened and closed) to suit the output of sine wave and pulse wave.

Plug Type: US
Power Supply: DC 4-10V
Current: 250mA
Frequency Range: sine wave 1-500kHz
Resolution: 1 Hz
Sine wave distortion: <1% below 1kHz, <0.5% above 1kHz
Output Amplitude: Maximum +/- 10V(p-p)
Output impedance: 50 ohms
DC Offset: Maximum +/- 10V, whit shutdown function
All Setting Parameters Can Be Saved
Output Waveform: sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, forward sawtooth wave, reverse sawtooth wave, electrocardiogram wave, noise wave
Item Size: 140 * 80 * 27mm / 5.5 * 3.1 * 1.1in
Item Weight: 144g / 5.1oz

Package List:
1 * DDS Signal Generator
1 * Power Adapter
1 * User Manual