USB3.0/DC/Type-C USB Tester Detector Meter Multimeter with 2-Way Current Measurement 1.8 Inch Color Screen for Testing Voltage Current Capacity Power Temperature

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This tester with color screen has BT, 8 interfaces(USB, micro USB, type-C and DC), supports QC, PD2.0/3.0/4.0 and MTK protocol. It can measure the voltage and current changes during the operation/charging process of various DC inverters such as notebooks, desk lamps, routers, set-top boxes etc., and can be analyzed by BT on the mobile phone! 

High Precision Measurement
--It uses high quality material, selected electronic components, and advanced technology to create this professional instrument with 6-digit accuracy display. Its measurement accuracy reaches 0.00001.
Wide Applications--With the USB tester, you are able to test notebooks, car emergency power supplies, routers and other DC products, monitoring current, voltage, power, capacity, power and other state of charge in real time.
Remote Control & Monitor by BT--Through the BT function, the tester and mobile phone enable to realize APP BT pairing. And charging status, various measurement data & graph can be transmitted and viewed on your phone. You can switch different measurement interfaces by pressing the button.
Multi Functions--Functions include screen flip, fast charge recognition, energy capacity detection, temperature measurement, accuracy measurement, two-way current measurement and other data tests(temperature probe is not included).
Safety Protection--Featured with over-voltage protection, over-current protection, low-voltage protection, charging time setting and auto-off function, the meter can detect safely and maximally protect the appliances from damaging. 
Convenient & Easy--It is easy to use it and pair it with your cellphone. Screen flip(four-side rotatry screen) is capable of making you see the measurement data on the screen at any angle.

Material: Electronic material
Color: Black
Type: with crocodile clip, without crocodile clip (Optional)
Voltage measurement range: 3.60V~32.00V
Current measurement range: 0.00~5.10A
Capacity accumulation range: 0~99999mAh
Power accumulation range: 0~999.99Wh
Power measurement range: 000.00~163.00W
Impedance measurement range: 1~999.9Ω
Temperature measurement range: 0~80°C
Timing range: 999hours 59minutes 59seconds
Input interface: Type-C/Micro USB/USB
Timing charging reminder setting: countdown 24-hour arbitrary setting
USB D+ Voltage range: 0V~2.99V
USB D- Voltage range: 0V~2.99V
Mobile phone full charging reminder threshold parameters: <2W/0.5 hour
Refresh time: > 500mS/times
Measurement rate: about 0.5 times/sec
Alarm mode: siren sound+ prompt display
Screen: 1.8inches color screen 
Screen resolution : 128*160
Self-consumption current:  <0.025A
Operating temperature: -10~+60°C
Working humidity: 10~80 (no doubt)
Working pressure: 80~106kPa
Item weight(tester only): 34g / 1.19oz
Item size: 6.2*6.2*1.4cm / 2.44*2.44*0.55in
Package weight: 
With crocodile clip: 101g / 3.56oz
Without crocodile clip: 68g / 2.39oz
Package size: 
With crocodile clip: 10.3*8.8*4.6cm / 4.05*3.46*1.81in
Without crocodile clip: 10.3*8.8*2.6cm / 4.05*3.46*1.02in

USB tester only, other accessories are not included.
Please read the user manual carefully before usage.
Due to manual measurement, there may be deviation.
Due to lighting, the picture and material object may slightly differ in color, please in kind prevail. 

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1 * USB Tester