UNI-T True RMS Digital Multimeter Auto-Ranging Multitester High Accuracy Universal Meter 6000 Counts Backlit LCD VOM with Flashlight VFC Mode UT15B PRO

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UT15B PRO / UT17B PRO are highly reliable true RMS digital multimeters. With built-in VFC anti-jamming start mode, they can filter out the carrier frequency interference or distortion voltage signal superimposed by the sine wave, and stably measure the output voltage of the inverter. They can do a wide range of tests including DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, capacitance, diode, live wire. UT17B PRO has extra features— measurement of temperature, frequency and duty ratio. They both provide up to 30KVA energy for protection from incorrect operation to ensure safety.

LCD display: big LCD screen with large digital-readout and backlight for clear readings.
Reliable quality: employed double insulation design and protective rubber covering, which is robust, durable and impact-resistant, ensuring maximum safety.
A host of measurement capabilities: DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, capacitance, diode, live wire. Besides the above, UT17B PRO can also measure temperature, frequency and duty ratio.
VFC mode: anti-interference, provides more accurate and stable measurement.
Auto shut-off: to save power, it would automatically shut off if there is no operation for 15 minutes. This feature can be turned off as per your needs.
Safety level: meet CAT-III 1000V and CAT-IV 600V standards.
Greater convenience: a built-in flashlight will be very helpful in dark conditions, and the kickstand can free your hands with your work.
More features: true RMS, 6000 counts, auto/manual range, buzzer alarm, data hold.

Brand Name: UNI-T
Model: UT15B Pro / UT17B Pro (Optional)
Material: ABS
Color: Red 
Max. Display: 6200
Range Control: Auto/Manual range
Operating Temperature: 0~40℃ (32~104℉)
Storage Temperature: -10~50℃ (14~122℉)
Relative Humidity: 0~30℃: ≤75%RH, 30-40℃: ≤50%RH
Operating Altitude: 0~2000m
DC Voltage Range: 600mV / 6V / 60V / 600V / 1000V
AC Voltage Range: 600mV / 6V / 60V / 600V / 1000V (VFC: 600V)
DC Current Range: 600μA / 6000μA / 60mA / 600mA / 6A / 10A
AC Current Range: 600μA / 6mA / 60mA / 600mA / 6A / 10A
Resistance Range: 600Ω / 6KΩ / 60KΩ / 600KΩ / 6MΩ / 60MΩ
Capacitance Range: 6nF / 60nF / 600nF / 6μF / 60μF / 600μF / 6mF
Frequency Range: 10Hz~100KHz (UT17B PRO only)
Duty Ratio Range: 1%~99% (UT17B PRO only)
Temperature Range: -55~500°C / -67~932°F (UT17B PRO only)
Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AA R6P battery (NOT included)
Safety Level: CAT-III 1000V and CAT-IV 600V
Item Size: 195 * 95 * 58mm / 7.67 * 3.74 * 2.28in
Item Weight: 445g / 15.69oz
Package Weight: 781g / 27.54oz
Package Size: 24.5 * 18 * 7cm / 9.64 * 7.08 * 2.75in

Packing List:
1 * Multimeter
1 * Storage Bag
1 * Test Leads(pair)
1 * User Manual