Timed Handmade Coffee Electronic Scale with Temperature Probe

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This is multifunctional high precision electronic scale with LCD display that is easy to use and is a must-have kitchen scale for the family.

LCD display for clear and fast reading of measurement data.
High precision tension meter sensing system, accurate weighing, error rate is in one thousandth.
With automatic zero adjustment / automatic shutdown (power saving function).
With overload / low voltage battery prompt function.
Can be used with battery (not included) or connected to USB power to measure temperature and weight.

Material: ABS+stainless steel
Color: gold
Battery: 3 * AAA battery (not included)
LCD display size: 60 * 26mm / 2.4 * 1.0in
Unit: g, ml, lb, ounce, fluid ounce
Function: peeling, automatic zero setting, countdown, temperature measurement
Minimum capacity: 0.5g / 0.02ounce
Maximum capacity: 2000g / 4.4lb
Scale division: 0.5~999.9g d=0.1g, 1000~2000g d=1g
Temperature division: 1℃
Environment temperature: 25±5℃
0.5~500g: ±0.5g
500.1~999.9g: ±1g
1000~2000g: ±3g
Temperature measurement error: ±2℃
Work environment temperature: 0~40℃
Work environment humidity: ≤90%RH
Work environment pressure: 80kPa-106kPa
Storage and transportation environment temperature: -20~60℃
Storage and transportation environment humidity: ≤90%RH
Storage and transportation environment pressure: 50kPa~106kPa
Item size: 200 * 145 * 31mm / 7.9 * 5.7 * 1.2in
Item weight: 364g / 12.8ounce
Package size: 210 * 175 * 45mm / 8.3 * 6.9 * 1.8in
Package weight: 566g / 1.2lb

Package list:
1 * Electronic Scale
1 * Temperature Probe
1 * User Manual