Voltage Test 1mA/30mA Convertible LED Backlight Tester

HKD 375.76

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Portable LED tester for testing LED TV backlight, strip light, LED panel, COB, lamp bead, diode, etc. Come with a pair of test probe.

Can be used to test LED TV(any size) backlight.
Automatic recognition of LED polarity, adaptive test of lamp bead, strip & backlight and it won't not burn lamp bead.
High brightness, no need to separate screen to judge whether a backlight strip works well.
Automatic adjustment of output voltage and current. 
Can test the withstand voltage of capacitance, voltage value of voltage-regulator diode & voltage of lamp beads and lamp panel.
No burned out, no electric shock.

Plug Type: US / EU (Optional)
Input Voltage: AC 85-265V
Output Voltage: DC 0-320V 
Output Current: 30mA (Voltage 0-320V), 1mA (Voltage 0-22V)
Item Size: 95 * 60 * 30mm / 3.7 * 2.4 * 1.2in
Item Weight: 91g / 3.2oz
Package Size: 23 * 9 * 6.5cm / 9.1 * 3.5 * 2.6in
Package Weight: 287g / 10.1oz   

Package List:
1 * LED Tester
1 * Pair of Test Probe
1 * Power Line
1 * User Manual