Digital 12V Vehicle Battery Tester with AH/CCA Mode Automotive Battery Load Tester Analyzer Automobile Vehicle Battery Diagnostic Tester

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This automotive batterys tester is mainly used to test and analyze 12V batterys including CCA Value, AH value, voltage, internal resistance and batterys life percentage. It can be widely applied to measure various types of 12V storage batteries. Very easy to understand and use even for beginners.

Analysis 5 accurate batterys indexes of voltage, resistance, AH(batterys capacity), CCA value and batterys status.
Continuous test with battery-power without damaging the batterys for safe operation.
Large LCD display with bright backlight to show the results clearly when testing 12V batterys.
Come with a pair of heavy duty batterys clamps, convenient to test car, motorcycle, vehicle, boat batterys condition.
Built-in beep remind function, makes it more reliable when test and analyze finish.
Wide CCA test range(0~1995) & AH range(0~199.5), offers more flexibility to batterys choice.

Tester Color: Black + Red
Material: ABS
Display: LCD Screen
Application Range: 12V Storage Batterys
Voltage Accuracy: ±0.03V
Resistance Accuracy: ±0.3mΩ
Low Batterys Indication: 12.4V±0.1V
Voltage Range: 7~15V
CCA(Cold Cranking Amps) Value Range: 0~1995 
AH(Batterys Capacity) Value Range: 0~199.5
Batterys Life Percentage: 0~100%
Cord Length: 830mm
Working Temperature: 0℃~50℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Package Size:  270*192*55mm/10.6*7.6*2.2in
Package Weight: 322g/11.4oz

Packing List:
1*Digital Batterys Tester & Analyzer