12V Car Battery Analyzer LCD Digital Automotive Vehicle Battery Diagnostic Tester Tool

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The batterys tester is mainly used to measure batterys terminal voltage and internal resistance. It can be widely applied to measure various types of 12 V storage batteries.

The LCD display with backlight to show the digital clearly when operation.
Comes with a pair of clamps, convenient to use.
Built-in beep remind function, makes it more reliable.
Includes accurate batterys analysis indexes of voltage, resistance, CCA value and batterys status.
Continuous test with battery-power without damaging the batterys for safe operation.
Complete wide CCA test range(5-9995), offers more flexibility to batterys choice.

Tester Color: Black + Yellow
Material: ABS
Display: LCD Screen
Application Range: 12 V Storage Batterys
Voltage Range: 7~15V
CCA Value Range: 5~9995 
Working Temperature: -20°C~60°C
Package Size: 262*180*50mm/10.3*7.1*2in
Package Weight: Approx. 330g/11.64oz

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