O-B-D2 Scanner Universal O-B-D-II Code Reader Car Automotive Check Engine Light Error Analyzer Auto CAN Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool for All O-B-D-II Protocol Cars Since 1996

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Versatile Use --- O-B-D2 code reader features built-in O-B-D2 DTC lookup library, help you to determine the cause of the engine light, read code, delete the code, read freeze frame data, retrieve I/M ready state, read the vehicle information, diagnostic menu, waveform dispaly, diagnostic query.
Wild Compatible --- Universal O-B-D2 Scanner works on MOST 1996 US-Based cars SUVs Light Trucks, 2000 EU-Based and Asian cars, vehicles with all O-B-D2 protocols CAN, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, KWP2000. Supports up to 6 languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish. With a compact size, easy to hold and carry. Please Note: This O-B-D2 scanner only supports petrol vehicles.
Easy to Use --- No need any battery or charger, this O-B-D reader gets the power directly from your vehicle through the O-B-D2 Data Link Connector. Just simply plug in the O-B-D interface to start diagnosis. Even a green hand can use this OSD2 Scanner to read the error code, find out what the problem is and perhaps fix it.
Accurate and Easy to Read --- Designed with a large clear LCD display screen, which is with white backlight and contrast adjustment for direct display test results, accurate and easy to read.
Compact Design --- The frond side features a large LCD display for reading and 6 buttons on O-B-D2 Scanner for convenience operation, scroll up/down, enter/exit and buttons that quick query VIN vehicle number& the DTC fault code.

O-B-D II diagnosis:
When diagnostic instrument detects multiple vehicle control modules,the system will prompt you to select the module that can retrieve the data.
Power assembly control module[PCM] and gearbox control module [TCM] are the commonly options.
Caution: Don't connect or disconnect ant test equipment when ignition switch is opening or engine is running.
(1) Turn off ignition switch.
(2)Find the vehicle 16 pin data link connector (DLC)
(3)Insert O-B-D II wire to vechile DLC.
(4)Turn on ignition switch.Engine stops or runs.
(5)Press return / confirm button to enter diagnostic menu. A series of O-B-D2 protocol information will be displayed on the display screen, until the vehicle protocol is detected.

Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow+Black
LCD Display: Badit,128*64 pixel display
Working Temperature: 0~60℃ (32~140℃)
Storage Temperature: -20~70℃ (-4~158℃)
Compatible Protocols:
CAN/KWP 2000/ISO 9141-2/J1850 VPW/J1850 PWM.
Supports ISO, VPW and PWM bus systems as well as CANBUS systems.
External Power Supply: Vehicle batteries supply 8.0 to 15.0V
Item Size: 15.5*8.5*2cm / 6.1*3.3*0.79in
Item Weight: 215g / 7.6oz
Package Size: 20*14*4.2cm / 7.9*5.5*1.7in
Package Weight: 314g / 11oz

If the Scan Tool fails to communicate with the vehicle's computer, an Unable to establish a link with the vehicle message shows up.
-Verify that the ignition is ON.
-Check if the Scan Tool's O-B-D2 connector is securely connected to the vehicle's DLC.
-Verify that the vehicle is O-B-D2 compliant.

Package List:
1 * O-B-D2 Diagnostic Code Scanner Tool
1 * Manual