MWLNR2020K08 Holder + 10Pcs WNMG080404 Carbide Inserts + Wrench for Lathe Turning

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The lathe turning tools set includes MWLNR2020K08 holder, 10pcs WNMG080404 carbide inserts and a wrench. High strength and wear resistance, it is used for metal machining.

Blade has high strength, high toughness, stable and durable.
For high hardness materials and cast iron.
Metal surface finishing, well wear resistance.
Practical and a variety of processing environments, even in very dirty environments such as cast iron also has good features.
Mainly used for steel machining.

MWLNR2020K08 Holder
 Material: Stainless steel
 Model: MWLNR2020K08
 Size: 125 * 25mm / 4.92 * 0.98in
 Suitable For: Semi-finishing, finishing
Carbide Insert
Model: WNMG080404
 Material: Carbide
 Size: 15.6 * 5mm / 0.61 * 0.2in
 Inner Diameter: 4.8mm / 0.19in
 Machining Process: Finishing and semi-finishing
 Blade Color: Gold
 Quantity: 10Pcs/box
Package Weight: 520g / 18.34ounces
Package Size: 150 * 130 * 30mm / 5.91 * 5.12 * 1.18in

Packing List:
1 * MWLNR2020K08 Holder
10 * WNMG080404 Carbide Inserts
1 * Wrench