100W Micro Mini Bench Drill Drilling Machine Milling Machine Household Multifunctional Electric Drill DIY Precise Hole Puncher

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Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, has a long service life.

Low noise, stable performance, integrated design, all copper motor, simple and practical, high efficiency.
The clamping force of the chuck is greater, which effectively prevents the drill from loosening and slipping, and improves work efficiency.
Quick-locking wrench, easy adjustment of punch height.
Exquisite workmanship, comes with fan.
The main shaft uses 2GT40 tooth synchronous wheel, and the motor uses 2GT16 tooth synchronous wheel, which has greater strength, no jamming, and lower sound.
Multifunctional eight-hole vise, easy to clamp all kinds of special-shaped materials, drilling more convenient and quick.
The material of the whole machine is precisely processed by CNC, with higher accuracy.
Wide range of applications, can be used for aluminum alloy drilling, wood drilling, bead drilling, etc.

Material: ABS+aluminum alloy
Main color: grey+silver+black
Electric drill type: small bench drill
Type: with power supply, without power supply (optional)
Voltage: 12-24V
Current: DC
Power: 100W
Maximum clamping: 6mm / 0.2in
Chuck size: 0.6-6mm / 0.02-0.24in
No-load speed: 1500-3600RPM
Speed regulation: 7 speed regulation
Gear ratio: 1:2.5 variable speed
Drilling stroke: 30mm / 1.2in
Item size: 380 * 150 * 100mm / 15.0 * 5.9 * 3.9in
Package size: 280 * 180 * 170mm / 11.0 * 7.1 * 6.7in
Package weight:
With power supply: 2904g / 6.4lb
Without power supply: 2582g / 5.7lb

Note: the type without power supply requires you to bring your own power adapter above DC 12-24V/4A.

Packing List: (optional)
With power supply:
1 * Bench Drill
1 * Vise
1 * Adjustable Power Supply
1 * Set of Accessories
Without power supply:
1 * Bench Drill
1 * Vise
1 * Set of Accessories