35mm Hinge Drilling Jig Concealed Guide Hinge Hole Drilling Guide Locator Carpentry Woodworking Hole Opener Door Cabinet Accessories Tool

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35mm ABS plastic hinged hole locator, light and portable, easy to operate; Alloy hole cutter,, sharp and durable, continuous knife, suitable for positioning and installation of furniture door hinges.

Durable Hinge Hole Drilling Guide Locator made of engineering plastic, This is a set of guide tool for installing concealed hinges very accurate.
Razor Sharp Hole Cutter Drill Bit easily drill the new holes with minimal effort and no breakout or chips.
Efficient and Accurate drilling, with this kit you can make all your flat-bottomed holes of the exact size, which is 50% efficient than traditional drilling method.
Specially Designed for 35mm hinges the concealed hinge Jig is professional and very easy to use.
Great woodworking tool for install hinges. Perfect for any handyman who needs to do hinges.

Color: Blue + Sliver
Material: ABS, Alloy
Hole Diameter: 35mm
Main Size: 66x77mm

Packing List:
1 * Hinge Hole Drilling Guide Locator
1 * 35mm Drill Bits
1 * Drill Bits Storage Case