Car Bumper Repairing Machine Plastic Welding Machines Welding Repairing Tool Hot Staplers 50W

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This product is suitable for repairing and reinforcing all plastics parts of automobiles. Such as bumpers, instrument panels, lamp holders, plastics rings, radiators, plastics devices for car and motorcycles.

Easy to use and operate, saving time and money.
The fine way to repairing most modern products which are made of plastics, such as cracked bumpers, headlights, plastics wings and much more.
Stainless steel staples will not rust, having a long service life.
Wavy staple design for maximum load.
Ergonomic design is more comfortable to use and fits your palm.
Work with R-S16, R-S18, R-S26, R-S28, R-S38 staple.
Perfect for repairing : cracked bumpers, headlights, plastics wings and much more other plastics.

Material: ABS+stainless steel
Color: black
Input voltage: AC 250V
Input current: 0.5A
Input power: 50W
Output voltage: 0~4V
Output current: 0~15A
Cable length: approx. 1.1m
Diagonal Cutter size: approx. 72 * 35 * 10mm / 2.8 * 1.4 * 0.4in
Item size: 235 * 60 * 50mm / 9.3 * 2.4 * 2.0in
Item weight: 721g / 1.59lb
Package size: 277 * 210 * 53mm / 10.9 * 8.3 * 2.1in
Package weight: 1216g / 2.68lb

1. In the soldering, the insertion of the RSnail into the electrode will produce a fine temperature of 500 °C.
2. Be careful, that incorrect use can cause burns or fire hazards!
3. Use appropriate personalprotective equipment at work: Heat-resistant gloves and eye protections to preventing nails from splashing during cutting!
4. It is forbidden to work for a long time when smearing!
5. Make sure the two electrodes are cool before inserting the nail!
6. Do not touchs the nails and electrodes during welding!
7. Do not use near flammable liquids or objects!
8. Do not use in places with fine humidity!
9. Please turn off the power switch after use!
10. This series is only suitable for repairing plastics!
11. The Hot STAPLER series is only used for the origin welding consumables!
12. Can be welded R-S16, R-S18, R-S26, R-S28, R-S36 supplies!

Direction for use:
1. Connect the HOT STAPLER to the 110-250V power supply.
2. The welding temperature of this machine is stepless adjustment, which can be used for welding of plastics materials of any thickness.
3. Select the appropriate type of stud and insert it into the desired electrode port.
4. Weld the inner surface weld of the damaged part.
5. Press the start button and energize to heat the molten plastics to the correct weld.
6. When the welding stud is in the proper position, release the button and wait a few seconds to cool the plastics.
7. Repeat this work step until the weld is evenly distributed, then cut the protruding part with a diagonal cutter.

Packing list:
1 * Plastics Welding Machine with Plug
1 * Diagonal Cutter
50 * Flat Staple
50 * M-shaped staple
50 * V-shaped Staple
50 * Wave Staple