Master Lock Keys Storage Box Keys Keeper Lock Outdoor Wall-Mounted Combination Password Lock for Security

HKD 297.85
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Wall mounted design for permanent installation.
Large internal cavity prevents jamming, even when holding multiple key.
You can set your own combination for optimal security.
Protective weather cover prevents freezing and jamming.
Molded body and vinyl coated shackle prevent scratching.

How to Use: 
You can fix it to the wall and it also can be placed inside the car, you only need to put a few screw holes in the wall.
Set the Combination:
1.  Switch downward after dialing the initial combination to get unlocked
2.  Push the switch to the RESET side and pull it downward.
3.  Dials your new combination and press the lockbolt twice, then return the combination modification switch to the initial position and your combination reset succeeded.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Grey black
Item Size: 38 * 83 * 120mm / 1.50 * 3.27 * 4.72in
Item Weight: 470g / 16.58oz
Package Size: 60 * 140 * 180mm / 3.36 * 5.51 * 7.09in
Package Weight: 497g / 17.53oz

1. This product is mainly used outdoors.
2. Initial password: 0000
3. please take a photo or note of your new combination in case you forget it.

Packaging List:
1* Lock
1* Manual
4* Screws