Wire Terminals Crimping Tool Insulated Ratcheting Crimper Kit of AWG24-10 with 1200PCS Male and Female Spade Connectors

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The crimping pliers and terminal set is professional hand tools. Multiple sizes of terminals meet various needs.

Complete Crimp Tool Kit --- Full equiped with a crimping tool and 1200 insulated wiring terminals open barrel connector from 20 to 10 AWG(0.5-6.0mm²) to support small DIY projects and large electrical repairs. With adjustment screw, you can adjust the strength of crimping.
Ergonomic Handle Design --- The handle cover with superior nylon material, non-slip and more comfortable for grip, using the leverage theorem, the operation is labor saving and more effort, easily support a long time working less fatigued. Accurate adjustment before ex works delivery.
Efficient Work --- Due to great handle grasping position, light and compact structure and handle design ensure perfect crimping effect.
Superior Quality --- The components of the ratchet crimping tools are made of special steel. It is a high strength hand tools for your home improvement.
Well Oganized --- Assorted insulated crimp terminals. Classified in a box according to model and color. Easy to carry and find.

Material: Nylon + Copper
Pliers Crimping Range: 0.25-6.0(mm2) AWG 24-10
Terminal Crimping Range:0.5-6.0 mm2  AWG 20-10
Pliers Size:Approx. 19 * 8 * 1.8cm / 7.48 * 3.15 * 0.71in
Terminal size:
E0508: 360pcs (white) 0.5mm² length 14mm
E1008: 300pcs (green) 1.0mm² length 14.3mm
E1508: 220pcs (yellow) 1.5mm² length: 14.3mm
E2510: 160pcs (black) 2.5mm² length 17.4mm
E4012: 100pcs (blue) 4.0mm² length 19.4mm
E6012: 60pcs (red) 6.0mm² length 20.5mm
Package Size: Approx. 20.5 * 14.2 * 5cm / 8.07 * 5.60 * 1.97in
Package Weight: Approx. 630g / 22.22oz

Package List:
1 * Crimping Pliers
1200 * Terminals