PULUZ U-shaped Portable C-frame Frame Set

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This set of products can improve the stability of video shooting, C-type design makes the equipment more practical, suitable for multi-angle shooting. It's convenient and practical.

It is made of fine quality ABS plastic with good impact resistance, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
Anti-skid sponge handle design, comfortable to handle.
There is a cold boot design at the top, which can be used to place monitors, supplementary lights and microphones, etc.
Bottom multi-track adjustment movement, easy to cope with complex shooting problems.
Suitable for SLR camera and family DV camera.
Stable and anti-shake, convenient and practical.

Item type: Hand-held Camera Stabilizer Kit
Material: ABS plastic+Non-slip sponge+metal
Color: Black
Package weight: 944g / 2.08pounds
Package size: 250 * 210 * 120mm / 9.84 * 8.26 * 4.72inches 

Package list: 
1 * U-shaped portable bracket
1 * L-shaped hand-held bracket
1 * Fill Light
1 * Microphone
1 * Cold shoe mouth