KORG VOLCA KICK Analog Kick Generator Bass Percussion Active Step Synthesizer Sequencer with Playback MIDI IN

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The volca kick is not just a kick drum machine. You can use the 16-key touch-panel keyboard to perform dynamic kick bass, and take advantage of the volca kick's powerful analog circuitry to generate the sub bass sound that's indispensable to dance music styles such as grime or trap.

16-step Sequencer: You can use it to quickly lay out a kick drum pattern, and it also supports real-time recording, which is an ideal way to perform kick bass phrase.
Active step: Let you skip a step during sequence playback. It can create effects similar to a short loop or unexpectedly irregular rhythms, allowing dynamic performances using the sequencer itself as a performance tool.
Accent Function: Let you program accents per step (not per trigger) for groovy and sometimes glitchy sequences depending on how the ACCENT knob, which controls the depth of the added dynamics, has been set.
Bend Reverse Function: Can be specified for each step to play the bend backward, reversing the conventional kick pitch so that the pitch goes from low to high, and resulting in a unique sound.
Touch Control: You can instantly trigger a sequence effect simply by touching a step key, transforming your real-time performance for instant cuts, breaks and fills.
Synchronized Playback: Connect to other volca units, minilogue, electribe or SQ-1, and experience a session with synchronized sequencer playback. The MIDI IN jack lets you use the volca kick as a sound module for DAW and MIDI controller.
Slide Function: The slide function creates the effect of a connection between steps, producing a smooth and distinctive kick bass.
Enjoy Anywhere: With its compact size, battery operation and built-in speaker, it's easy to take the volca kick anywhere and perform anytime.

Brand: KORG

Keyboard: Multi touch keyboard / Step key
--Synthesizer Generator
Type: Analog synthesis
Maximum Polyphony: 1 voices

Structure: VCF (no input MS-20 Rev1 filter as resonator), Pulse Generator, VCA, analogue DRIVE, analogue TONE
MS-20 Resonator: Pitch/Octave, Bend, Time
Pulse: Colour. Level
Amp: Attack, Decay
Tone: Low Pass Filter, 12db/oct

Number of Part: 1
Number of Steps: 16
Number of Recording Patterns: 16(each with its own sound grogram)
Controls: Pattern Chain, Motion Sequence, Touch FX, Active Step, Accent (On/Off, Depth), Slide, Bend Reverse, Roll (1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 4/3, 2/1, 3/1), Octave (1 Oct Up, 2 Oct Up), Sustain, Swing

Audio Output: Headphones (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
Sync: Sync In (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V)
Sync Out (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Output level: 5V)

Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours(using alkaline batteries)
Power Supply: AA alkaline battery * 6/ AA nickle-metal hydride battery * 6/ AC adapter"KA-350"(Not included)
Dimension(W*D*H): 19.3 * 11.5 * 4cm / 7.60 * 4.53 * 1.57in
Net Weight: 370g / 13.05oz
Package Size: 26.3 * 15.3 * 7.1cm / 10.35 * 6.02 * 2.80in
Package Weight: 820g / 28.92oz

Packing List:
1 * Digital FM Synthesizer
1 * Sync Cable
1 * AC Adapter(DC 9V)
1 * User Manual