KORG VOLCA FM Mini Digital FM Synthesizer 3-vocies Chorus 16-step Sequencer Sync MIDI IN

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The volca fm is a three-voice digital FM synthesizer that completely reproduces the sound engine of a classic FM synthesizer, and provides compatibility with it as well. The unique volca interface makes it easy to manipulate distinctive FM sounds even if you're not familiar with the complexities of FM synthesis.

Portable & Powerful Machine: The 16-step sequencer that's one of volca's features provides new functions such as WARP ACTIVE STEP and PATTERN CHAIN that let you make even more powerful rhythm patterns.
3-voice Polyphonic FM Synthesizer: The volca fm perfectly reproduces the sound engine of the classic digital synthesizer that made the world aware of FM synthesis. Its six operators and 32 algorithms provide complete compatibility.
Super-easy Sound Editing: The volca fm makes FM sound editing accessible with the MODULATOR/CARRIER super-easy edit knobs – the knob movements are mapped to multiple parameters for sound changes that are easy to understand.
Onboard CHORUS Effect: Along with a perfect reproduction of the sound engine, the volca fm is also equipped with a lush chorus effect to add depth to your sounds and further expand its sound-creating potential.
16-step Loop Sequencer: Allow you to record your performance on the touch panel keyboard just as you play. It’s easy to create phrases that come to mind. Up to sixteen sequence patterns can be stored in internal memory.
Convenient Functions: The volca fm provides a sync connector that can be easily connected to Korg's groove machines. The MIDI IN jack lets you use the volca as a sound module for DAW and MIDI controller.

Brand: KORG
Keyboard: Multi touch keyboard
Type: FM synthesis
Maximum Polyphony: 3 voices
Structure: 6 operators, 32 algorithms
Numbers of programs: 32
Main Edits: Modulator (Attack, Decay), Carrier (Attack, Decay), LFO (Rate, P.Depth), Algrtm, Available to edit full parameters for each operator in Edit Mode
Controls: Transpose, Velocity, Octave, Arp(Type, Div)
Arpeggiator Types: 9(each 3 patterns of "Rise", "Fall", "Random")
Voice Modes: Poly, Mono, Unison
Effect: Chorus

Number of Part: 1
Number of Steps: 16
Number of Recording Patterns: 16
Controls: Motion Sequence, Active Step, Warp Active Step, Pattern Chain, Metronome

Audio Output: Headphones (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
Sync: Sync In (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Maximum input level: 20V)
Sync Out (3.5mm monaural mini jack, Output level: 5V)
When two units of volca fm, available to export the sound programs and sequence data from a volca fm to the other one
MIDI: In, available to convert and load SYS-EX/SYX file created on the Yamaha DX7

Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours(using alkaline batteries)
Power Supply: AA alkaline battery * 6/ AA nickle-metal hydride battery * 6/ AC adapter"KA-350"(Not included)
Dimension(W*D*H): 19.3 * 11.5 * 4cm / 7.60 * 4.53 * 1.57in
Net Weight: 360g / 12.70oz
Package Size: 26.3 * 15.3 * 7.1cm / 10.35 * 6.02 * 2.80in
Package Weight: 780g / 27.51oz

Packing List:
1 * Digital FM Synthesizer
1 * Sync Cable
1 * Edit Parameter List
1 * User Manual