Electronic Musical Mat Keyboard Carpets Baby Piano Play Mat Kids Musical Instrument Music Educational Tool for Children

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This is a kids piano keyboard, you can touched it with hand, foot, and also can be used to play music on the blanket, exercising children's ability of coordination and improve motor skills for learning and education.

Nice gift for birthday and holidays for students and kids.
Keyboard piano for children and parents, comes with 10 demo.
Large electronic keyboard play vinyl mat, comes with 10 touching sensitive keys.
8 musical instruments: Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, Banjo, Xylophone, Guitar.
4 Play Modes: Record, Playback, Demo, Play.

Material: vinyl
Battery: 3 * AA battery (not included)
Item size: 1.10 * 0.36m
Item weight: 330g / 11.6ounce
Package size: 420 * 370 * 30mm / 16.5 * 14.6 * 1.2in
Package weight: 340g / 12.0ounce

Packing List:
1 * Keyboard Mat