Musical Instrument Toy Kit

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The musical instrument toy kit includes shaking, tapping, beating and blowing instruments, which is help to develop children's cognition, exercise abilities. Ideal and creative birthday present or Christmas gifts for kids, boys and girls.

Tambourine: Has both drum and bell sounds. The sound is soft when you beat the drum heart; The sound is clear when you beat the drum edge; the sound is louder when you beat the drumhead.
Grip Tambourine: Adopt environmentally friendly ABS and stainless iron bell pieces. The sound is crisp. Comfortable to grip.
Xylophone with Wooden Mallets: The musical instrument can make a long and crisp sound. It can be used as a main melody instrument or as a dubbing instrument.
Music Steel Triangle with Striker: The sound is crisp and the sustaining effect is long.
Wood Finger Castanets: The sound is made by vibrations that are caused by the collision of two pieces of wood. Its tone is crisp and round.
KAZOO Flute: With the flute film, it can adjust the tone and pitch of the flute.
Barbell: High quality bell, not easy to rust. With smooth and durable handle.
Handle Sleigh Bell: The sound is crisp, soft. Can reflect the strong beat and the weak beat.
Rhythm Bars: Tap each other to make crisp sound with the rhythm bars, and master the steady beat by tapping.
Wrist Bells: The pair of bells are placed on the wrist, and bells will ring with a slight movement. Very simple.
Egg Shape Maracas & Small Maracas: ABS material makes the tone brighter.
Dual Castanets: Tapping the dual castanets will generate separate different levels of sound from the ends of the section.
Rainbow Bell Stick: Adopt colorful handle, stylish and beautiful.

Material: Metal+ABS+wood
Color: Multi-color
Package Size: 25.5 * 20 * 10.7cm / 10 * 7.9 * 4.2inch
Package Weight: 1097g / 38.7oz

Package List:
1 * Tambourine
1 * Grip Tambourine
1 * Xylophone with Wooden Mallets
1 * Music Steel Triangle with Striker
2 * Wood Finger Castanets
1 * KAZOO Flute
1 * Barbell
2 * Handle Sleigh Bell
2 * Rhythm Bar
2 * Wrist Bells
2 * Egg-shaped Maracas
1 * Dual Castanets
1 * Small Maracas
1 * Rainbow Bell Stick