Wireless Digital Hygrometer

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This hygrothermograph of high precision is multi-functional. It is equipped with the functions of temperature and humidity measurement, alarm, weather forecast, date, and comfortable level display. With this meter, it's easy for you to be aware of the changes in your living environment. Your life will be more convenient and organized.

Temperature and humidity measurement: Indoor temperature: 0-50℃; outdoor temperature: -20-60℃.Humidity: 20%-95%.
RF outdoor temperature: It can accept 3 different RF symbols at the same time. The standard configuration is one transmitter. If you need more, we can add it by charge.
Date display: The date, month, and week are displayed on the screen. Besides, the week can switch between 7 languages: English, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Denish, and German.
Weather forecast and comfort level display: Four-kind weather forecast: sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, and rainy. Forecast results can be accurate under normal ventilated conditions. There will be deviations when situated in an air-conditioned environment. There are three comfort levels: comfortable, normal, and uncomfortable. You can put it in the baby room in order to have better control of the changes in the room environment.
Alarm function: It can also serve as an alarm. Enter the alarm timer setting mode and choose a suitable value. You can also snooze the alarm and it will beep again in 5 mins. 

Name: wireless hygrothermograph
Material: ABS
Color: silver
Monitor: 32*132*23mm
Sensor: 69*105*25mm
Battery: 2* 1.5v AAA battery required for each ( not included)

Package information:
Size: 238*38*168mm
Weight: 300g

Package list:
1* instruction
1* monitor
1* sensor
NOTE: The product does not have any special shock-proof design, try to avoid dropping.