Tuya WIFI Intelligent Water Level Alarm Tool

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This is an useful tool for you to use in your daily life to monitor whether the water is leak. Sometimes, after you finish your work and come home to find that the fau-cet that you didn't turn off in time, and the water has made your house completely soaked and your floors and furniture badly damaged. But with this product, you do not need to worry about the above problem anymore, come on and try it, it will not let you down.

You can connect this product to multiple sensors and name your sensors to easily navigate between them.
It can monitor the water leakage remotely, even if you are not at home, it also can monitor and protect your home.
You also can install it close to the washing machine, when the water is leaking, it can detect it and you can notice it on the APP.
It has the sensitive sensor and has the faster alert time, you do not need to worry about the water damage your home.
Multifunction: you can install it near the fau-cets, toilets, bathtubs, water pipes and other places where leaks may occur.

Material: ABS
Battery: 3 * AAA battery (not included)
Color: white
Item size: 71 * 64 * 21mm / 2.8 * 2.5 * 0.8in
Item weight: 50g / 1.8ounce
Package size: 77 * 66 * 39mm / 3.0 * 2.6 * 1.5in
Package weight: 61.7g / 2.2ounce

Packing list:
1 * Water Level Monitor