BT Retro Vinyl Record Player Record Player with Dustproof Cover Classic Nostalgic Style Record Player

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Instead of a regular stereo, it's a retro vinyl record player that gives you a sense of time and a new kind of musical experience.

Supports three kinds of speed of revolution, 33RPM, 45RPM and 78RPM.
Supports three kinds of sizes of gramophone record, 7in, 10in and 12in.
Simple setup and operation. Suitable for a beginner. 
Wireless BT function. No cords needed. 
Fine quality, double magnetics needle, so that the record player has a clear tone.
This record player has a built-in speaker, which makes the sound clear and pleasant.

Material: PVC
Plug: EU, AU, UK, US (optional)
Movement: triangular aluminum tube
Function: PH / BT / OUT / AUX
Built-in speakers: 2.0 stereo
Horn Power: 4Ω3W * 2
Power supplys: 5V 1A
Item size: 300 * 250 * 120mm / 11.8 * 9.8 * 4.7in
Package size: 350 * 300 * 200mm / 13.8 * 11.8 * 7.9in
Package weight: 2300g / 5.7lb

Packing List:
1 * Record Player