Pet Paw Cleaner Cup Dog Paw Washer Brush Silicone Dog Feet Cleaner Muddy Paw Cleaner

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The paw cleaner cup is made of high-quality material, durable, and broken-resistant. Inner soft silica gel won't hurt feet. It can clean your pet's paws quickly to give you and your pet a better living environment.

This portable pet paw cleaner is designed with your fur pet. The paw cleaner cup cleans your pet's paws quickly, reducing indoor mess and floor stains.
Clean your pet's paws from all angles by rotating 360 degrees.
Gentle and effective silica gel brush helps remove dirt and mud from your pet's paw and doesn't injure its paws. Environmentally-friendly soft and gentle, elastic and tough.
Add water to the paw cleaner cup, then put the paw in the paw cleaner cup and rotate it around for 10 seconds to clean.
The removable paw cleaner cup is easy and convenient to clean.
You can choose the size of the cup according to your pet, and this paw cleaner cup will meet your needs.

Item name: Paw cleaner cup 
Material: Plastic + silica gel
Color(optional): Grey / Green / Pink
Product size(optional): S: 100*86*86mm / L: 149*96*96mm

Package information:
Package weight: 420g(S); 500g(L)
Package size: 12*10.6*10.6cm(S); 17*11.6*11.6cm(L)
Package list: 1*Paw cleaner cup