Cat Brush Cat Comb Cat Grooming Brush Cat Tongue Textured Grooming Brush

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Innovative design: Design inspired by the real cat's tongue.
Texture: With cat tongue texture, mimics mother cat grooming her kittens.
Premium material: Made with a durable, strong plastic. Scratch-resistant and reusable.
The wide side brushes the cat's belly, inside of the feet, and back, the narrow side combs the cat's head, chin, and neck.
The cat tongue textured grooming brush will make your cat feel comfortable and build an intimate relationship with your cat.

Item name: Cat Brush
Main material: Plastic
Color(optional): Pink/Grey
Product weight: 86g
Product size: 3.7*22cm

Package information:
Package Weight: 100g
Package size: 23*4.2*2.1cm
Package list: 1*Cat Brush