Wireless Digital Hygrothermograph Hygrometer

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This hygrothermograph of high precision can test temperature and humidity at the same time. With this meter, it's easy for you to be aware of the changes in your living environment. 
Smart design: It can stand on the table with the bracket unfolded. With the hanging hole at back, it can also be hanged on the wall. 
High accuracy: Inside thermometer has a high accuracy of ±5%RH and ±1°F, making it ideal for measuring fluctuating readings like in a greenhouse.
Indoors and outdoors: This hygrothermograph can test the indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature at the same time, which are displayed on the LED screen respectively.
The wireless transmission distance in the open air can reach up to 100m. With obstacles, the distance is limited to 30m. 
It can help you be aware of the changes in the living environment. It's important for allergic rhinitis patients and those who are highly sensitive to temperature and humidity. 

Name: hygrothermograph 
Material: plastics 
Color: white 
Monitor: 75*60*20MM
Sensor: 75*55*25MM
Battery: 2* 1.5v AAA battery required for each ( not included) 

Package information: 
Size: 150**80*35MM
Weight: 110g 

Package list: 
1* instruction 
1* monitor 
1* sensor