Gardening Machine Lawnmower Blade Adapter Kit-Thrust Washer stihl set

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What You'll Get: This trimmer parts set contains 1 x Thrust Washer/ 1 x Rider Plate/ 1 x Collar Nut/ 1 x Screwdriver, this does exactly what it should and is well constructed.
Suitable Replacement: Guarantee durability & performance & save money. Thrust washer:4130-713-1600;Rider plate: 4126-713-3100;Collar nut:4126-642-7600. Perfect match for the original one. Easy installation, stable characteristics, high reliability.
Good Compatibility: Suitable for the following models: Stihl FS 40C, FS55R, FS 56R, FS36, Sarlo SS-18, FS81, FS 80, FS 81, FS 85, FS90, FS 100, FS 110, FS120, FS200, FS250.
Gardening Machine Lawnmower Kit Size: Screwdriver size: 128 mm/ 5.0inch, Rider plate diameter: 80 mm/ 3.15 inch, Collar Nut Diameter: 25 mm / 0.98 inch, Thrust Washer Diameter: 42 mm/ 1.65 inch
Easy to Install: Easy to replace the string spool on the trimmer with the stihl blade adapter kit. The blade fit tight and there was very little vibration.

Color: Silver
Material: Metal
Screwdriver size: 128 mm/5.0inch
Rider plate diameter: 80 mm/3.15 inch
Collar Nut Diameter: 25 mm /0.98 inch
Thrust Washer Diameter: 42 mm/1.65 inch
Weight: 150g

Packing List:
1×Thrust Washer
1×Rider Plate
1×Collar Nut