Water Ripple Starry Projector USB Charge Spherical Voice Control Light Mini Small Starry Lamp with Remote Control

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The Star Projector will bring you brilliant starry scene or moving ocean waves, and the solid colors(Red, green, blue and white) or mixed colors can form 10 different star projections, creating a relaxed, romantic and different colorful atmosphere. Suitable for children's birthdays, parties, weddings, Christmas, Valentine's Day, homeroom decoration, or Anniversary gifts.

Star Projector and Water Ripple Projector: A variety of colors combined with dynamic projection at different speeds creates a relaxed, romantic and colorful projection atmosphere, presenting you with brilliant starry scene or moving ocean waves, bringing you extraordinary experiences.
10 Colors Optional and 360° Rotational Projection: The water pattern has four solid colors of red, white, blue and green and solid or mixed colors can create 10 different star projections. The star projector can instantly project a field of drifting star against the changing blue nebula cloud with 10 colors 360° rotating dynamic projection. 
Remote Control and Auto-Off Timer: The remote control can adjust the colored lights and brightness, freely turn on/off the lights, and change the lighting mode. The voice-activated flicker mode allows the projector to change color according to the music rhythms or clapping your hands, thereby creating a disco or party effect. The dynamic nebula projector has a built-in automatic Auto-off timer, and the night light projector will automatically turn off after the preset time.
Portable and Compact: This lightweight projector is powered by USB cable and supports mobile phone adapters, computer or po-wer bank, very convenient for traveling or going out. Getting your kids to sleep while traveling has been a challenge and you will make those nights much calmer with this portable star projector.
Perfect Gifts: Star projector is suitable for children's birthdays, parties, weddings, Christmas, Valentine's Day, homeroom decoration, or Anniversary gifts. Its fancy starry scene and moving ocean waves can help children stimulate their curiosity, imagination and creativity. It also can create a warm and quiet sleeping environment to help you or your children sleep better.

Material: PVC
Color: White
LED clouds' power: RGBW2*4W
LED projective power: 1*1W
Green la-ser device: Safety Degree: Class I, 532nm, <1MW
Power input: USB DC5V/2000MA
Temperature: 14℉-104℉ (-10℃-40℃)
Projective area: 161-558 square feet (15-50㎡)
Item size: Ø90mm 
Item weight: 250g / 8.82ounces
Package size: 138 * 122 * 114mm / 5.43 * 4.8 * 4.49in
Package weight: 320g / 11.29ounces

1. Ba-tteries (2 AAA) for remote control are not included.
2. This product will shut down after working for 4 hours in default setting.

Packing lists:
1 * Star projector
1 * Bottom bracket
1 * Fixed sticky glue of bottom bracket
1 * Telecontroller
1 * USB line
1 * instructions