LCD Display Digital Current Voltage Solar Po-wer Meter Multimeter Ammeter Voltmeter Batt-ery Monitor Meter

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The DC multifunction batt-ery tester monitor is mainly used to test all kinds of batt-ery's voltage, discharge current, discharge power, discharge impedance, internal resistance, capacity, dump energy, energy consumption and running time, and display the measurement data through LCD screen.

Push-on terminal, no need to connect with a screw.
LCD display, 360 degrees viewing without bilnd spot, with backlight function, it is clearly visible whatever day or night.
9 datas shown in the one screen, allows you catch the information you want at a glance.
9 in 1 Measuring Type: Voltage, Discharge current, Discharge po-wer, Energy consumption, Capacity, Discharge impedance, Internal resistance, Running time, Remaining electricity.
Widely applied to solar system, industrial assembly line, automobile, RV etc.

Color: black
Type:  (optional)
 Type 1: only Tester
 ​Type 2: Tester + 50A shunt
 ​Type 3: Tester + 100A shunt
 ​Type 4: Tester + 200A shunt
 ​Type 5: Tester + 300A shunt
Measuring range: 0-300A (using external shunt, can match 50A, 100A, 200A, 300A four shunts).
Voltage measurement range: 0-200V. (When the test voltage is <8V, please use the independent power mode)
Minimum voltage resolution: 0.01V
Voltage start test voltage: 0.05V
Voltage measurement accuracy: 1%
Current measurement range: 0-300A  
Current minimum resolution: 1mA
Current start test current: 10mA
Current measurement accuracy: 1%
Power measurement range: 0-60000W
Power minimum resolution: 0.01W
Power start test power: 0.2W
Power measurement accuracy: 1%
Impedance = voltage / current
Impedance measurement range: 0-1000 Ω (displayed "--" when the test range or current is zero)
Minimum impedance resolution: 0.1Ω
Impedance measurement accuracy: 1%
Internal Resistance Minimum resolution: 1mΩ
Internal Resistance Measurement accuracy: 1%
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃
Item size: 89 * 47 * 25mm / 3.50 * 1.85 * 0.98in
Item weight: 90g / 3.17ounce
Package size: 150 * 60 * 40mm / 5.91 * 2.36 * 1.57in
Package weight:
100g / 3.53ounce
153g / 5.40ounce
237g / 8.36ounce
260g / 9.17ounce
280g / 9.88ounce

Package List:
1 * Batt-ery Tester Monitor
1 * Shunt