High Precision FG8038(ICL8038) Function Signal Generator DIY Kit Square/Triangle/Sine Wave Output 3Hz-300kHz Adjustable Frequency Amplitude

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This signal generator DIY kit is professional product to generate sine/triangle/square wave. It's a DIY kit for you to weld and install. DIY kit is used with oscilloscope to measure signal generator waveform.

High resolution, can generate sine/triangle/square waves.
Frequency range: 3Hz-300kHz.
Adjustable frequency and amplitude with 2 green potentiometers.
DC power supply: single power DC 20V.
All are plug-in components, easy to install.

Frequency excitation/waveform generation, liquid, gas flow measurement.
Sensing applications-approximation, sports, defect detection.
Linear loss, linear decay.
Test equipment, medical equipment.
Scanning, clock generator.

Color: Red
Material: FR-4 Epoxy Board
Type: DIY Kit / Assembled Finished Product (Optional)
Voltage Supply: Single Power DC 20V (Attention: The power must float to the ground)
Waveforms: Square, Sine, Triangle Waves
Output Impedance: 600 + 5% Ohm
Output Interface: BNC
Frequency: 3Hz-300kHz, 5 Levels(continuously adjustable)
Output Amplitude(output open): 0~±6Vp-p, continuously adjustable.
Output Attenuation: 0dB , -20dB
Sine Wave Distortion: 1%
Triangle Wave Linearity: 0.1%
Square Wave Edge Times: rise time about 400nS, fall time about 300nS
Current Consumption: 40mA
Frequency Counter Interface: Yes
PCB Board Size: 82 * 70 * 1.5mm / 3.23 * 2.76 * 0.06in
Package Size: Approx. 12 * 8 * 3cm / 4.72 * 3.15 * 1.18in
Package Weight: 67g / 2.37oz

Package List:
1 * Signal Generator DIY Kit
1 * User Manual(English)