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A mini tesla coil module which can create a high-frequency, high-voltage alternating current and creat electromagnetic wave. It has the function of wireless transmission, can light gaseous tubes and plays variety of music in a fine quality. It is a perfect teaching tool to spark students' interest of science, also can be a fine gift.

The Tesla coil can produce high temperature and high pressure plasma, which can sing, ignition, wireless transmission, and light fluorescent lamp.
Protect the audio input device, if there is no-protection circuit, this type of product can easily cause the failure or even damage to the electronic device.
Fine sound quality playback, playing music as the highlight of this product, in the development of the circuit to carry out a number of component parameter optimization experiments to ensure that there is an fine effect. In actual use because of different mobile phones or audio sources, volume the size may vary.
Strict production process. Secondary coils use epoxy resin coating, fine durability and beautiful. The use of fine-quality PCB board, as well as carefully selected power tube, continuously improve product technology and quality from various details.
Prime structure, the coil part is detachable, the tip-part can be replaced with different accessories to achieve different functions, and the CPU heat sink is used as a base, which has a strong cooling capacity and ensures the reliability of long-term work.
Beautiful appearance, appearance is the core of this product, remove the functional value of the product, it also has ornamental handicraft ornamental value.

Name: Tesla Coil
Material: acrylic
Color: gold, white (optional)
Operating Voltage: 8-32 V
Operating Current: 0-3 A
Item Weight: 600g / 1.32lb
Package Weight: 700g / 1.54lb
Item Size: 175 * 85 * 85mm / 6.89 * 3.35 * 3.35in
Package Size: 200 * 100 * 100mm / 7.87 * 3.94 * 3.94in

Step 1: Check all equipment.
Step 2: Install the secondary coil. Secured by the included screws.
Step 3: Installation of discharge needle. Secured by the included screws.
Step 4: Connect audio cable.
Step 5: Connect to power.
Step 6: Plays music.
Step 7: Test by LED.
Step 8: Power off and change discharge needle.
NOTE: Be careful. Can't touching the discharge needle.

Packing List:
1 * Tesla Coil
1 * Power
1 * Audio Line
1 * Ion Windmill
3 * Xenon Lamp