Nylon Ukulele Strings Set 4 Strings Set(.024-.026) Replacement

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Made of nylon, has stronger flexibility, louder, more beautiful and persistent timbre than steel string or sheep gut.
With more stable tone, the effects on nylon proves less than that on sheep gut when humidity and temperature change.
Optimized for Concert Ukuleles and tuned to standard EBGD tuning for playing various styles of music.
It is an ideal choice as the performance string or replacement string for beginners, trainers and professional players.
With the compact size and light weight, easy to install, carry and store for replacement.

Color: White
Material: Nylon
String Length: 750mm
Note/inch/mm: 1E / 0.024 / 0.62; 2B / 0.031 / 0.80; 3G / 0.037 / 0.95; 4D / 0.026 / 0.67
Item Weight: approx 4.5g / 0.15oz
Package Size: 11.5 * 11cm / 4.52 * 4.33in
Package Weight: 14g / 0.49oz

Package List:
1 * 4 Strings Set