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This intelligent brake tail lamp, with six lighting modes, can use USB chargings, long-term endurance, double bracket installation, waterproof and compact, can add more securitys for your outdoor riding.

High brightness, can effectively improve the visibility of night riding, increase riding safety.
Six kinds of lighting modes, constant light, breath flash, slow flash, quick flash, rhythm flash, ECO flash, for selection, one button switch, to meet different needs.
Bright LED lamp beads, with lampshade, extend service life.
Built in 420mAh lithium battery, USB quick charging, long life, reusable.
It is light and compact, easy to carry, and has no burden on riding after installation.
IP65 waterproof and dustproof, not afraid of rain and other bad weather on the lamp.
The power display function can remind the user to charge in-time, short press the switch when the power is off, and the green indicator light will prompt the remaining power.
Vibration sensing, automatic wake-up, parking 30 seconds, no vibration, automatic light off, feel the vibration, automatic light on. (except in constant mode)
The two installation modes can be switched freely, and the installation of seats bow or seats rod is firm and not easy to drop.

Material: aluminium alloy+ABS+PC
Color: black, red, blue, purple, gold (optional)
Battery: 3.7V, 420mAh
Item size: 30 * 30 * 40mm / 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.6in
Item weight: 80g / 2.8lb
Package size: 100 * 50 * 30mm / 3.9 * 2.0 * 1.2in
Package weight: 100g / 3.5lb

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1 * Tail Lamp