Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer Bamboo Flatware Organizer

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The sleek bamboo kitchen tray organizer is crafted with Bamboo. The bamboo tray features an ingenious design to help you organize the cutlery, kitchen utensils, and stationery the way you want it. The organizer has 5 compartments, so you can put things accordingly without a mess. The tray organizer is suitable for standard-sized drawers. It is a perfect Bamboo drawer organizer to have at your home. It is very helpful in keeping the kitchen utensils, stationery and cosmetics organized, neat, and tidy. Great tool for home using. Make your home much more convenient and cozy.

Natural Bamboo: The drawer divider is made of durable and solid bamboo, a renewable and sustainable natural resource.
Standard Size: Bamboo cutlery tray measures 14.17 * 10.15*1.89 inches, making it suitable for standard-sized drawers.
5 Compartments: The kitchen drawer organizer has 5 fixed compartments, available in the kitchen for utensils, dinner forks, dinner spoons, knives, and gadgets organization, also available in office and bathroom for stationery makeup and jewelry storage as a desk and bathroom drawer organizer.
Space Efficient: The Bamboo tray organizer is the ideal solution for drawers at home or at the work station. The perfect space-saving Bamboo organizer helps you to reach the desired item that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for your favorite knife or a spoon, this perfect tray organizer makes it completely simple and easy.
Easy to Clean: You can use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust particles. You can also use a mild soap to wash the organizer, but make sure to rinse it with running water. Don’t use an abrasive or steel wool to clean the drawer as it may damage the organizer and leave it with a harsh or pitted surface. Be sure to wipe up water spills immediately.

Item name: Kitchen Drawer Organizer
Main material: Bamboo
Product size: 36*25.8*4.8cm /14.17 * 10.15*1.89in
Package size: 37*26.5*6.5cm
Package Weight: 680g