Professional Grafting Tools Grafter Pruner Kit

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The grafting tool includes both a pruner and grafting guillotine blade, screwdriver, wrench, tapes. First, it allows you to trim away excess leaves and twigs and to prepare the plants to be grafted. Second, you can then make a precise cut into the grafting stock with the special grafting guillotine.

[High Survival Rate]The cuts made by this grafting tool will fit together perfectly for maximum cambium contact, significantly improving the survival rate.
[Easy to Use]Cut two stems, join them together and bind with tape, then the grafting job is done.
[2-in-1 Hand-pruner Tool]This product does pruning and grafting at the same time. Designed for grafting trees but can work for other woody plant stems.
[High-quality]High-carbon steel sharp shear blades and spring for long-lasting use. High-strength ergonomic ABS plastic handle for comfortable holding.
[Replaceable Blades]3 replaceable grafting cutting blades(Ω-Cut U-Cut V-Cut) for a precise and clean cut.

Material: Carbon Steel, ABS
Color: Black
Style: Practical
Application: Flower, Tree, Branch
Occasion: Backyard, Lawn, Farm, Garden
Package Size: 24.5*13.5*4cm/9.64*5.31*1.57inch
Package Weight: 600g / 1.32lb

Type 1 Package List:
1 * Professional Grafting Tools
1 * 2PCS Replaceable Blades
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Wrench
1 * 3PCS Green Film Tape