Solar Crack Ball Lawn Lamp Garden Patio Buried Light(20LED 10CM)

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This product does not need wiring, no installation, no electricity charge, can be placed under the sun, such as lawn, balcony, pool, let your environment full of elegant artistic conception, let your visitors feel warm and comfortable. 

Elegant, unique, simple and pratical. The designers hope to decorate your peaceful space with a kind of nice poetic thought.
Hope the distance of heart and nature more and more close, hope to embraced by nature, where we can be drunk in its warm
atmosphere slowly.
In the evening, you can also put it on your desk, your room, your coffee shop, your wine cabinet, your tea set, making your life full of romantic sentiment.
Its cracked ball shape design makes it perfect for decorative light in garden, pathway and patio.
When used for the first time. Please press the button switch to on, and then install the switch under sunny place for 6 hours. It will automatically light up after dark.

Diameter: 10/12/15CM(optional)
Battery: AAA NI-MH, 
600mA(10 & 12CM)
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline silicon, 2V,
80ma(10 & 12CM)
Charge Time: >5-6H
Working Mode: Light control sensor+switch
Lighting Time: >8-10H
Light Color: Warm White
Package Weight: 
370g  / 13.1oz(10CM)
580g  / 20.5oz(12CM)
1000g / 35.3oz(15CM)
Package Size: 
125*125*100mm / 4.9*4.9*3.9in(10CM)
150*150*127mm / 5.9*5.9*5in(15CM)
188*185*163mm / 7.4*7.3*6.4in(15CM)

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