BRS Super powerful Outdoor Compact Oil Stove Cooking Stove Utensil Cookware Oil-burning Boiler for Picnic 5-30 Persons Driving Tour BRS Gasoline Diesel

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This oil stove is powerful yet easy to operate. The fire power is impressive and can meet the demand of 5-30 people dining together. With its delicate design of pressure relief valve, the regulating valve or the hidden safety valve, this outdoor stove will surprise you!

Regulating valve: according to different fuels and altitudes to choose gears in order to achieve the best combustion effect, easy to operate.
Unique pump design, to add pressure more easily.
Patented smart brackets are adjustable according to the shape of the bottom of pans or pots.
Pressure relief valve is designed for releasing all the air in the tank, safe to use.
Special hidden explosion protection equipment ensures your safety in various environments--when pressure is too high, it will work itself.
Toughened diamond-type lattice design on the bottom of the tank, stable to stand still.
Boil 1L water just need one minute.
Fuel is easy to get as the filter can be directly inserted with the refueling gun.
Strong firepower can meet the demand of 5-30 people dining together.
Gasoline nozzle which is installed on the stove can be avaliable for No.93 clean gas and above.
We provide you a complete set of tools and a  diesel oil nozzle, convenient for maintenance.

When preheating the regulating valve must be closed fully.  
Do not fill over 2L fuel to leave room for pressure.
Release the air totally before adding pressure.
Please let the stove stay away from any flammable, explosive and high-temperature items.
Do not use it in a enclosed environment.  
Stop using it immediately if there is a leakage.

Brand: BRS
Color: Green
Burner material: High temperature resistant stainless steel
Tank material: Iron
Combustion power: 9800W
Fuel: Gasoline, diesel
Fuel consumption: 425g/h
Tank volume: 3.5L
Ignition method: External fire source
weight: 3130g / 110.41oz
Item size: 25 * 24cm / 9.84 * 9.44in (H * D)
Package size: 30 * 27.5 * 30cm / 11.81 * 10.83 * 11.81in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 4080g  / 143.92oz

Package List:
1 * Oil Stove
1 * Oxford Bag
1 * Operating Instruction
1 * A set of tools