eWeLink DC/AC7-32V Wi-Fi Intelligent Switch Control Module Support Timing Phone APP Remote Control( Without remote control)

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This product is Wi-Fi control module, it is easy and simple to use, only need to download an APP and link Wi-Fi then can control the own cloud. It will give you an intelligent life.

Made of fine quality material, long-lasting to use.
Support Wi-Fi network and numerous Wi-Fi intelligent switches on one intelligent phone.
Share function make you control your intelligent home together with your family. 
Compatible with Goo-gle HomeNest & Amazon-Ale-xa IFTTT voice control.
Support status tracking: device status timely provided to the EWeLink. 
Support max 8 enabled scheduled/countdown/loop timers for each device.
Support remotely turn on or off connected appliances such as light, electric kettle, electric rice cooker, electric curtain/door, reversing motor, etc.

Item type: Switch
Material: ABS
Selection type: Twol kinds of styles(optional)
Working voltage: DC/AC7-32V
Supports to control different voltage ranges
Indicator: With a signal indicator, relay pull the light
Board consumption: <1W
Standby current: 80mA
Standby power: <0.5W
Input current: ≤10A; Wattage: ≤2200W
2 Channel Total Load: 10A/2200W
Single Load: 10A/2200W
Electrical insulation resistance: 100M
Electric shock voltage: 1000V
Relay maximum suction time: 15ms
Relay maximum release time: 5ms
Working mode: Inching /self-locking, Interlock
Transmission mode: Wi-Fi communication
Wire-less Standard: 2.4gigahertz, 802.11 b/g/n
Mobile App: Compatible with EWeLink on Android/IOS
Applicable occasions: intelligent home. Wi-fi control
Control distance: infinity
Controlled lines: 2
Operating temperature: -40 degrees to +70 degrees
Operating humidity: 40% ~ 80% RH
Package size: Without remote control: Approx. 130*50*30mm /5.11*1.96*1.18inches
              With remote control: 130*50*50mm/5.11*1.96*1.96inches
Package weight: Without remote control: 80g/2.82ounces
                With remote control: 110g/3.88ounces

Package list:
1 * 2CH WI-FI Switch Module