Studio Photography Backdrop Kit with 2 * 3m/6.6 * 10ft Metal Stand Bracket + 3pcs 1.6 * 3m/5.2 * 10ft Backdrops Backdround(Black/White/Green) + 3pcs Backdrop Clamps + Carry Bag

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Studio photography backdrop kit includes backdrop stand, 3pcs backdrop, 3pcs backdrop clamp and a carry bag.
2 * 3m/ 6.6 * 10ft metal backdrop bracket, durable and sturdy, easy assembly and disassembly, stable to use.
3pcs non-woven fabrics backdrops in different colors(black/white/green), 1.6 * 3m/5.2 * 10ft large size design.
With 3pcs heavy duty clamps for fixing the backdrop to the bracket, very convenient.
Suitable for portrait shooting, wedding photography, video shooting, product shooting,etc.

Backdrop Color: black/white/green
Backdrop Material: non-woven fabrics
Backdrop Unfolded Size: 1.6 * 3m/5.2 * 10ft
Backdrop Bracket Size: 2 * 3m / 6.6 * 10ft

*In order to facilitate transportation and packaging, the backdrop will be folded during shipment, resulting in creased; Do not worry, it does not affect to use and the recovery method are as follows:
--You can iron the back surface with steam iron, and the temperature should be controlled at around 30 degrees.
--Please iron the back surface with steam iron but not dry iron.

Package List:
3 * Photography Backdrops
3 * Clamps
1 * Set of Backdrop Bracket
1 * Carry Bag