Andoer B300 Aluminum Alloy Single Damping Arm with Photography Vest Compatible with DJI Ronin-S Ronin-SC Zhiyun Crane 2 FeiyuTech G6 Max AK2000S AK4000 AK4500 AK2000 G6Plus MG Lite Handheld Gimbals for Stable Movie Making Video Shooting Load Capacity 2~7kg

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The main body of the kit is made of aluminum alloy with mechanical structure design, durable, beautiful and textured. The load capacity is 2~7kg/4.4~15.4lbs.
The photography vest is comfortable and lightweight to wear, adapting to various body shapes.
The damping arm can be adjusted up and down to a proper height. Double highly elastic springs can adjust its damping force appropriately according to the weight of equipment.
The fixed position of the gimbal is fixed by double structure, which is more firm.
The rotating structure is adopted between the fixed position of the gimbal and the damping arm, which is convenient to adjust the shooting angle of the gimbal at will.

Brand: Andoer
Model: B300
Material: Aluminum alloy, nylon, stainless steel, etc.
Load Capacity: 2~7kg/4.4~15.4lbs
Compatible Device:
--Compatible with DJI Ronin-S, Ronin-SC;
--Compatible with Zhiyun CRANE 2
--Compatible with FeiyuTech G6 MAX, AK2000S, AK4500, AK4000, AK2000, G6 plus, MG Lite

Item Weight: 3.76kg / 8.3lbs
Package Size: 50 * 40 * 20cm / 19.7 * 15.7 * 7.9inch
Package Weight: 5.34kg / 11.8lbs

Packing List:
1 * Photography Vest + Damping Arm Kit